Join All Life is Yoga for a 6 day cleanse that will leave you feeling refreshed, rebooted, rejuvenated, full of energy, vitality, mental clarity and the sensitivity to know what foods are appropriate for your body. Cleansing is a helpful tool to support the stress our bodies experience from the environment we live in , the lifestyle choices we make and the depletion of our food source. We are regularly bombarded with chemicals, gases and electro – magnetic fields that diminish our bodies ability to remain balanced, have a strong immune system and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everything from our water, food, the air we breathe, the glues and gases in our homes, etc. creates more stress on the bodies natural abilities to fight off disease and illness. Cleansing is a preventative measure as well a healing measure for current circumstances. This cleanse incorporates principles of nutrition from India’s Ayurveda ‘science of life’ tradition, Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration and the best of Western Nutrition. This 6 day cleanse is laid out conveniently to accommodate our busy lifestyles.



The benefits of cleansing are individual and results may vary but most people feel rejuvenated and have the sensitivity to make more informed choices around food and lifestyle habits after doing a cleanse. Some examples of what participants experience are:

• Creates a feeling of rejuvenation

• Greater mental focus and clarity

• Organs function more optimally

• Eliminates poor digestion

• Supports healthy colon

• Eliminates bloating and flatulence

• Promotes healthy liver and kidneys

• Supports weight loss

• Promotes vibrant and elastic skin

• Increases energy

• Bolsters quitting ‘bad’ habits and creating ‘good’ habits

The Program

The cleanse consists of raw foods, juicing, baths, herbal teas and beverages, nutritional support and information to support the process and aid in your personal self care development. This cleanse is intended to empower you and help you determine what areas you can be more proactive in.

To Register:
email All Life is Yoga at

About the Facilitator: Rutu Chaudhari:

Rutu has been practicing yoga for 14 years and began teaching in 2003. With an interest in health and wellness, she began to offer seasonal detoxes. For 8 years she has supported students in their growth while changing nutritional and lifestyle habits. Rutu has a passion for nutrition and well being and enjoys sharing the gifts of detoxing with others. She continues to refine her understanding of health and wellness through study and personal practice.

**If you are pregnant or nursing you should not do this cleanse. If you have a serious illness, please consult a doctor before doing this or any detox.


“The 6-day raw food cleanse was invigorating, and I strongly recommend it!  Besides resetting my digestive system, this cleanse reminded me how much I love fruits and vegetables and how little food I actually need to consume to feel full, healthy and energized. I was a little skeptical at first, mostly because I was concerned about sticking with it due to my busy schedule and work travels, but it proved to be a very accessible and empowering experience!  Rutu was very forthcoming with information and made herself available for questions and discussions in person as well as via phone and email.  The provided raw food dishes and juices were delicious and filling, and each pick up came along with a schedule and a purpose, making the cleanse very structured and attainable. And finally, yes, though it was not my main intent when I signed up for the cleanse, during the week of the cleanse, I dropped 6 lbs.”
Thank you :)!