Our Teachers


Rutu Chaudhari - CPYT 2,000

Rutu Chaudhari has been teaching yoga since 2004. She began her yoga studies in 1999, received her first teaching certification in 2003, and now holds a 2,000-hour certification in Purna Yoga. In 2006, Rutu met her current teachers and the founders of the Purna Yoga tradition, Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri.


Along with her extensive certification and teaching experience, Rutu has many additional hours of training in yoga therapeutics and meditation. Rutu assists teacher trainings, yoga workshops, and conferences, and is currently assisting Aadil Palkhivala in the 500-Hour Purna Yoga Teacher Training in North Carolina.

Rutu offers an extensive knowledge of alignment and anatomy, meditation, practical application of yogic philosophy, and nutrition and lifestyle guidance from Ayurveda, Chinese, and Western traditions. For over thirteen years, she has supported students in creating healthier habits and sustainable self-care regimens.

Rutu is the Director of the Atlanta College of Purna Yoga, as well as the owner of a thriving yoga studio in Atlanta called All Life is Yoga. Rutu is also the Executive Director of The Dharma Project, whose mission is to bring self-care practices to public servants and the communities they serve. She is currently participating in the Civic Innovation Fellowship, awarded by Center for Civic Innovation, to receive mentorship and leadership training for The Dharma Project.

Through discipline and immense love for the Purna technique, Rutu has become a valuable example of how to sincerely “live your yoga.” Her radiance and light shine clearly from the inside out.

Rutu holds a BA in English Literature from Georgia State University. Her other interests include writing, music, acting, vegetarian cooking, renovating her house, and escaping to the woods.


Narin Hassan has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and teaching since 2004. Initially, Narin’s practice and training encompassed a range of styles, including Iyengar, Kripalu, and Vinyasa; for the past five years she has focused her teaching in the Purna yoga tradition and extends her study through workshops and trainings with Aadil Palkhivala and Rutu Chaudhari. 


Narin’s classes focus upon posture and alignment detail, careful sequencing, and therapeutic, supportive postures while combining a sense of fluid breath and movement. In all her classes she tries to create a balance between poses that are challenging and restorative, and builds a nurturing and calming environment that can both rejuvenate and energize students. She emphasizes the role of yoga as a complete holistic method that includes the study of nutrition, meditation, and pranayama.

Narin incorporates her practice and teaching of yoga with a career as a college professor. She teaches literary and cultural studies at Georgia Tech, and one of her current research projects involves researching the cultural and historical roots of yoga in its migration to the West. She is also working on a collaborative project (which includes organizing an academic symposium and edited book project) on gender, yoga, and social justice.


Beginning her yoga practice in 2001, Ashley attended various studios in the Atlanta area before finding Rutu's first studio in Cabbagetown. Since then, she has been a student of ALIY, completing her 200-hour training in May 2015.


Ashley is from New Orleans but has lived in Georgia since 1997. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in International Business in 2001, and then moved to Atlanta to complete her Masters of Professional Accountancy at Georgia State University.

Ashley is now a new full time mother, part time certified public accountant and a new part time yoga instructor. She enjoys reading, meditation and yoga, listening to music and taking long walks and runs with her daughter Sally in the stroller and her dog Toni Collette by her side.
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Sarah Corbett - RYT 200

Sarah began practicing yoga in 2009 to gain awareness of her physical body, cultivate strength, and explore her spirituality. She taught herself and took classes around Atlanta and at Georgia State University where she met Ron Young of the Purna Yoga Tradition. Shortly thereafter Sarah began studying at All Life is Yoga and completed her 200-Hour Teacher Training with Rutu in December 2016.


Sarah grew up in the Atlanta area and has always been interested in the healing arts. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology at Georgia State University in May 2016 and is pursuing further education in nutrition, herbal medicine, and yoga.

She brings a grounded and loving energy to her classes and works to facilitate her students towards deeper awareness of themselves. Sarah enjoys teaching a combination of invigorating and restorative postures while sharing Purna Yoga philosophy in her classes. Outside of yoga, Sarah is a freelance Digital Marketing Strategist + Graphic Designer who designed and maintains ALIY's website and digital presence and works with other brands around Atlanta.
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Anneliese Singh grew up practicing  Kundalini yoga in her Sikh gurdwara in New Orleans. She has studied a variety of yoga styles since then and found her yoga "home" in Purna Yoga with Rutu Chaudhari and Aadil Palkhivala as her teachers. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Rutu Chaudhari at All Life is Yoga and recently completed her 500 hour training with Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri. 


She is a professor at the University of Georgia, and she co-founded the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition and Trans Resilience Project. Along with her academic justice work for the queer and trans community, she aims to bring healing and peace through yoga and mindfulness to the LGBTQ community.


Myka has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and recently decided to get certified as a teacher to deepen the practice that has been so influential in her life. For Myka, practicing yoga is about building trust - with yourself, with your body and now with her students. She strives to bring an environment of trust to her classes and invites students to let go of any perceived limitations they might have and be open to experiencing what is.


A beauty and design junkie, Myka has always been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. Getting her yoga teacher certification was something she had thought about for a long time and it was very fulfilling to see it come true. Talk about the ultimate in finding beauty. In her free time you can find her walking her dog on the Beltline, reading and blogging for her lifestyle blog Highbrow Hippie.

Ron Young - RYT 500

Ronald Young is a licensed massage therapist and well recognized teacher in Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and has a BS in Education. Since his early adulthood he has been inspired by both Eastern and Western healing arts, motivating him to earn a 200 hr yoga teaching certificate in 2005 from The Peachtree Yoga Center and in 2012 with Rutu, repeating the training a second time in 2013. Ron recently completed his 500 Hour Certification with Purna Yoga master and founder Aadil Palkihvala and Savitri (Founder of Heart full Meditation).   


Focusing on mental centering for a safe, mindfully engaged practice of asana he is equally devoted towards his initial commitment and passion for Tai Chi Chuan. He began his study of Tai Chi Chuan in 1993 with Dr. Tingsen Xu at Emory University, Atlanta. With Dr. Xu he studied Yang 24 Forms and Chen Style. Further under the direction of senior student Hiep Trinh he studied the 108 Yang Long Form, Pao Chua Cannon Fist, the 56 Chen Form, the 42 Step Competition Form, and the 42 Sword Form. Ron has been teaching Tai Chi at Emory University as an adjunct professor since 2011, and at Georgia State University since 2000.

Compassionate over people’s pain and suffering, Ron engaged himself in natural healing as a licensed massage therapist. He is a 2011 graduate of The Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, and has studied Neuromuscular Therapy with Judith Walker Delaney and Dr. Rebecca Blessing. In his massage practice, he specializes in deep muscle tissue massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and Neuromuscular Therapy. His goal as a massage therapist is to assist clients in actively participating in their own health.

Since 2005 Ron has been teaching yoga and meditation in public schools, private and public universities, retirement centers, and working with clients on an individual basis. The great lessons he has gained from various highly respected teachers, offer him a unique approach to teaching asana with a sincere concern for safety, mindfulness, and the lineage of yoga.

Along with his daily meditation and asana practice he enjoys spending time with his great love of music, piano, guitar, and walking.
I’ve been practicing yoga for only 1 1/2 years. I was lucky enough to have been referred to All Life Is Yoga after only two months of practice, and feel very fortunate. I have visited other studios both local and in other cities but I don’t feel I get the quality of instruction anywhere else. Knowing nothing about yoga before my first class, I’ve learned that complete yoga combines mind, body, and spirit; and is not just a series of poses for the purpose of a physical workout.

Each session is different than the one before, but always including the fundamentals. The instructors are knowledgeable and able to help correct or improve your poses to help get the full benefit of your practice. All Life Is Yoga has become a necessary part of my life and I’m grateful for it.
— Rusty Pyrda