Rutu Chaudhari

Rutu Chaudhari is a certified Purna Yoga teacher. Purna Yoga is an integral system of alignment – based asana and pranayama, nutrition and lifestyle, applied philosophy and meditation. She began her yoga studies in 1999 and received her first teaching certification in 2003. Rutu met her current teachers, Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, the founders of the Purna Yoga tradition in 2006.

Her experience and teaching of yoga is extensive. She holds a 2,000-hour certification in Purna Yoga and has many additional hours of training in therapeutics and meditation. Rutu assists teacher trainings, yoga workshops and conferences with Aadil and has taught at the Southeast Yoga Conference for the past three years. Rutu is the Director of the College of Purna Yoga in Atlanta and conducts teacher trainings. She is the owner of a thriving yoga studio in Atlanta called “All Life is Yoga.”

Rutu is a shining example of the discipline and love for yoga. She sincerely lives her yoga and her radiance and light shine from the inside out. Rutu offers an abounding knowledge of alignment and anatomy, meditation, practical application of yogic philosophy and nutrition and lifestyle from Ayurveda, Chinese and Western traditions. She is also a leading teacher of yoga therapeutics.

Rutu holds a BA degree in English literature from Georgia State University. Her interests include film-making, writing and music.


Narin Hassan

Narin has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and teaching since 2004. Her practice and training encompasses a range of styles, including Iyengar, Kripalu, Vinyasa, and most recently her 200 hour training with Rutu Chaudhari in Purna yoga. Through the Purna yoga approach, Narin’s classes reflect her focus upon posture and alignment detail while combining a sense of fluid breath and movement. In all her classes she tries to create a balance between poses that are challenging and restorative, and builds a supportive and calming environment that can both rejuvenate and energize students. She emphasizes the role of yoga as a complete holistic method that includes the study of nutrition, meditation, and pranayama. Narin incorporates her practice and teaching of yoga with a career as a college professor. She teaches literary and cultural studies at Georgia Tech, and one of her current research projects involves researching the cultural and historical roots of yoga in its migration to the West.


Sonali Sadequee

Sonali grew up living in a culture of yoga where she was born in Bangladesh. She was first introduced to Hatha yoga by her grandfather at the age of five in the 1980’s and yoga has been in her life ever since. Over the years, she has experienced and practiced various styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyenger yoga. Sonali brings safety, calmness, playfulness, and alot of spirit to each class she offers. Her deep understanding of asanas and their transformative powers were best instilled in her at her 200 hr. teacher training with Rutu Chaudhari at All Life Is Yoga. She is currently a certified alignment based yoga teacher, certified by the College of Purna Yoga.

When she is not teaching yoga, Sonali is teaching nutrition and healthy cooking classes as a professionally trained health coach. She is passionate about supporting busy individuals in their journey towards achieving and sustaining wholeness through the practices of yoga, meditation, and functional nutrition. She is certified by the Teachers college of Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to serve individuals, organizations, and businesses. She is also board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Additionally, she is a certified cooking instructor of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to teach healthy plant-based cooking classes to individuals struggling with diabetes, weight gain, HBP, and high cholesterol.
Sonali invites you to discover the source of your limitations while reconnecting you to your greatest dreams for what truly nourishes you and feeds your heart.

Ellen Sacchi

Ellen has lived in Atlanta 15 years, and has been doing yoga regularly for 9 years. After working in politics and fundraising for many years, Ellen decided to make a career change and simplify life to focus on the present. She completed the 200 hour teacher training in June 2014. She and her family live in Virginia Highlands.

“In the yoga studio, I feel like I can be my best self. Taking time for ourselves through yoga and meditation makes us better friends, parents, partners and employees. I plan to be a lifelong student of yoga. I enjoy offering my students time to relax and take care of themselves.”

When not doing yoga, Ellen enjoys cheering her children on in soccer, swimming and other activities. She also enjoys being outdoors on the Atlanta Beltline, in Piedmont Park and on North Georgia’s Lake Hartwell. She volunteers for Our House/Genesis Shelter, Randolph College as well as her childrens’ schools and other causes.

Favorite yoga pose – Adho Mukha Shvanasana – downward facing dog – because nothing feels as good as the first downward facing dog of the day and because I can always continue to improve on it.

Justin Miskin

Justin has been incorporating yoga into his life for about 7 years.

An ex football and basketball player who has become a bicycle and performance training enthusiast, he found a deep connection with the benefits of asana and meditation. Getting certified as a teacher last year, Justin uses his practice and ayurvedic teachings to experiece new health, vitality and longevity in all of his activities. He also lives life as a barista, vocal coach, and a performance artist.