1:00 pm13:00

The Wrist Series Workshop

  • All Life is Yoga

Join Rutu Saturday, May 20th from 1-3pm for a workshop on the wrist. This workshop is for students and teachers. Most of us carry tension in our neck, shoulders, wrists and upper back. This tension shrinks blood vessels, creating pain and stiffness in these area and travels into the wrists. This workshop will provide you with the tools, using yoga asana and breath work, to take into your daily life; and if practiced consistently, will relieve mental fatigue, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, thereby increasing your ability to think clearly and express yourself more honestly. Teachers will also learn how to modify students during weight bearing postures that cause discomfort in the wrists. 

Investment : $55

1:00 pm13:00

Brad Waites Weekend Workshop

  • All Life is Yoga


Asking the right questions daily leads to personal transformation and helps you discover peace, power and purpose in life. Come and learn what questions to ask, as well as the major pitfall of seeking the answers (as most of us tend to do in the West). You will also learn the fundamentals of Heartfull™ Meditation, a simple but profound practice that integrates the power of these essential questions into your daily life.

Open to all, and especially for those who are ready to practice yoga beyond asana (postures). Includes some movement, but primarily focused on philosophy and meditation.


The flow of events in life often seems a mystery. One day you’re up, and the next you’re down. Thousands of years of yoga practice have shed some light on the seeming randomness of life, finding a deep connection between what’s going on inside of you and what’s happening around you. By cultivating a deeper connection with the truth, beauty, and love you hold inside, you can create positive shifts in what happens to and around you. All levels. Heartfull™ Meditation and applied philosophy, with some movement.


12:00 pm12:00

Frenetic to Fearless

  • All Life is Yoga

Join me Saturday, Dec 10th, from 12pm-2:15pm for a master practice. This is my current home practice to strengthen my nervous system, widen my perspective and open my heart. The program will include 15 minutes meditation at the start and end of session, 1 hour of strong asana (postures), 30 minutes of pranayama (intricate breathing techniques) and a deep, guided savasana (repose).

Investment: $35