New Pricing Structure

ALIY is going back to the original pricing structure from our Cabbagetown days. We hope that this shift will allow you to attend classes at the studio if you’re not already, or to attend more frequently than you are currently. The concern for some is that we are diminishing the value of the yoga by reducing the price. My feeling is that capitalism and cultural appropriation are responsible for diminishing the value of yoga, while making it more accessible and affordable serves to raise its value. You can’t actually buy yoga, in any case. When you attend class, you’re not paying for the yoga—you’re helping the studio to keep the lights on, and continue to offer classes.

Here’s what our original pricing structure looks like:

Drop-In: $15 per class
5-class card: $50 with a one-month expiration
10-class card: $100 with a two-month expiration
Monthly Unlimited: $99 with a three-month auto-pay

Please contact Rutu with any questions or concerns, or if you need further financial assistance.