Meet Ashley Erwin - 200 Hour Certified Purna Yoga Teacher

Ashley Erwin began practicing yoga in 2001. She attended various studios in Atlanta and finally felt at home when she found All Life is Yoga. She has been a student of Rutu's since 2011 and completed her 200 hour training at All Life is Yoga in May of 2015. Ashley loves yoga and meditation and her enthusiasm and conviction in Purna yoga's potential to change lives shines through her teaching. Along with being a new part time yoga teacher, she is a new full time mother and part time CPA. When she's not doing yoga, Ashley enjoys reading, listening to music and taking long walks and runs with her daughter, Sally, in the stroller and her dog Toni Collette by her side.

Ashley is one of our most committed students. I especially love the bond we have with meditation. It has been instrumental for her and I've had the pleasure of watching her move through some intense life challenges using the meditation techniques as her rock, and though she make not think so, she was quite graceful through it all.

Join her on Friday mornings from 10-11am for an invigorating and inspiring practice. Her one regular student would also love you to join in!

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