Studio's New Direction

You may have noticed that the studio schedule has significantly changed. I have removed most of the classes on the schedule. Canceling the majority of the classes was a precipitous move on my part. I acknowledge the potential for upset. My intention was not to create disarray and chaos and I realize that may have been one result. I apologize if that has been the case for you. What I have learned about myself is that I do not enjoy running a yoga studio. I love teaching yoga. Love it! And will continue to do so. Running this business is not fulfilling me. In fact, it is blocking me from a deeper pursuit of my life dreams.

I've been considering this for at least a year now. The last several months have been very difficult. I'm run down, wound up and not very pleasant to be around these days.

One reason this decision has been difficult is that I care so much about all the students and this community. It is important to me to hold a space for Purna Yoga in Atlanta.

Here is the new direction for the Studio:

Narin and I will continue to teach our classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, I will be leasing studio time out to other yoga instructors, dancers, Pilates instructors, meditation circles, acting teachers, photographers, etc. I will also have space in the back room for massage, Thai Yoga and Reiki therapists.

This allows me to continue doing what I love doing. Also, this allows you to continue taking these exceptional classes. In addition, it is an economically sustainable model for me as a business owner.

I'm excited about this new direction. I appreciate your support and patience.

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