The Plane of the Sun - Surya Namaskar


Tuesday, June 21st is International Yoga Day. It’s also a day after the summer solstice. I’d like to do a special donation only practice of the Classical Surya Namaskar for my Tuesdayevening, 6:30pm class.

The Classical Surya Namaskar (CSN) is the oldest known series. Whereas most asana developed within the past 150 years, there is evidence that the CSN has been around for thousands of years. For thousands of years, yogis have practiced this series in a very specific way to create very specific effects. So when I have students come to class wanting to modify the postures because they think they are more advanced than the seemingly elementary postures being done in the CSN I am adamant about explaining that there is no reason to change something that is perfect. Our limited minds think high lunges and Chatturanga Danadasana are most advanced than low lunges and ashtanga namaskar. They are not, but that is another blog.

The CSN has been practiced the way it is or good reason. It’s physical and energetic benefits are profound. All movements are done in the plane of the sun, the temporal plane. Every part of the body stays as close to the midline as possible. The hands don’t go out to the sides and the feet stay together. The eyes, like the body, move forward and back with particular points of dhrishti, one pointed focus. These actions create intense mental focus, which strengthens the mind. Energetically, the CSN is a practice of aspiration (for light) and surrender (of ego/darkness). So along with keeping everything at the midline, fixing the eyes on a single point pose to pose, maintaining a steady, deep breath, we also cultivate the qualities we would like to expand in our lives and those that we would like to release. When all the pieces come together and can be practiced with fluidity, you feel an alignment with the solar force and with those who have practiced this for thousands of years. It’s beautiful to be in that flow.

I forgot to mention, physically the CSN increases flexibility of the spine, hips legs, shoulders, stimulates thyroid and adrenal function, invigorates the organs, tones, strengthens and builds endurance, and much, much more....Join me next Tuesday, June 21st for an exploration of perfection in motion.


We've had a wonderful time brining Purna Yoga to farmers markets around Atlanta!

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Ponce City - Tuesdays at 4-5pm
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These classes are outdoors  - please arrive a few minutes early and bring a mat. If you have any questions, let us know or visit the information booth at the markets for help. See you at the farmers market!