Words Came Down in Torrents

Infinity put on a finite soul,All ocean lived within a wandering drop, A time-made body housed the Illimitable. To live this Mystery out our souls came here. - Savitri , Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo describes the writing of Savitri as words came down in torrents.  When his scribe was asked how he kept up with 724 pages of poetry coming down so quickly, the scribe explained that one word was expressed every few minutes. What felt like streams of intense energy flowing through Sri Aurobindo was apparently not so in real time.

I love this story. Unobstructed inspiration and beauty came through Sri Aurobindo. He is one of the greatest poets, yogis, activists, philosophers and saints this world has had the blessing to know. India's Independence Day was gifted to Sri Aurobindo on his birthday, August 15th. Purna Yoga is Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. He left his body in 1950 and his work is still ahead of it's time. I hope our consciousness catches up with his vision soon...