Brad Waites in Asheville at One Center Yoga


I've been on a blog writing sabbatical for the past couple of months. Some of it is for personal reasons, but mostly because between managing a yoga studio, teaching yoga classes and privates full time, running a 200 hour yoga teacher training, writing a curriculum for a restorative teacher training, re-doing our website (stay tuned!), starting a non-profit, writing and testing the curriculum for the non-profit, going through a fellowship to learn how to run a non-profit, renovating my house...umm...eating, sleeping(sometimes), having a personal practice (but no personal life) cup is brimming with adventure. My live is amazing right now. I have never felt so clear about my direction even though the details are nebulous and I'm terrified most of the time. 

It's left me little time to blog but I'm writing and reflecting everyday. This year has brought me so much insight and I can't wait to share with you again but, for now, I am writing to share about my friend and Purna Yoga colleague, Brad Waites.

I was the second group to go through the 2,000 hour Purna Yoga training in 2006. The first day of my training we were told that we would get a mentor from the group that was one year ahead of us. We picked these names out of a basket. I didn't know who this person was, never met him or spoke to him, but I knew I wanted Brad Waites as my mentor! And when the basket came to me, I selected Brad Waites! He's an incredible teacher, with tremendous insight and a lens of the Purna Yoga practice that satisfies my body, my mind and my soul! 

Brad is gonna be teaching a workshop a few hours away in the beautiful city of Asheville, hosted by the lovely Letitia Walker at One Center Yoga. I hope you'll join us for a transformative weekend. 

For Details and Registration, click this link . Oh, and today is the last day to receive the early bird special!