Acres of Diamonds + Yoga with Police Officers + Dirty South + Meet the Trainees

Many years back I read this book called Acres of Diamonds. The author shares countless tales, spanning throughout history, of people who lived in the most destitute conditions on land that was seemingly barren and hopeless. Seeking riches, they would sell their land and travel far to mine for gold, oil, diamonds, etc. Story after story, the person that bought that seemingly worthless land for next to nothing would find the very thing the original owner chased elsewhere, making millions.

I’ve been spinning like a top trying to develop the appropriate connections to get certain programs for The Dharma Project moving. Recently I discovered that the people closest to me—those already in my inner circle—are exactly the resources I need to propel The Dharma Project forward.

The teaching in Acres of Diamonds is that we look outward for the gold when it’s usually under our very noses. “Every [wo]man has the opportunity to make more of herself than she does in her own environment, with her own skill, with her own energy, with her own friends,” says author R. Conwell. This wisdom from many years back came to mind today when a door finally opened and the perfect connection was made by none other than a dear friend of mine.

Yoga for Police Officers

I am going to put the above into practice some more: friends, The Dharma Project is starting a program to bring mindfulness and yoga to police officers. We need your help. Do you know a police officer that I can coerce into trying yoga?  :-)  Please put me in contact with them. The goal is to get 10 to 15 officers together for a pilot yoga session in early September.Please email me at

The Dharma Project is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to bring mindfulness and yoga to public service organizations and the communities they work with.

I will be co-teaching a workshop at this years Dirty South Yoga Fest with Veronica Lewinger. We will explore the 'mother of all twists', Matsyengasana. At the studio we usually focus on the first three stages of the pose, this weekend we will go deeper with the later stages and include the bind. 

Twists are some of the most powerful postures in yoga asana. They release spinal tension, ignite the digestive fire and energize the kidneys. Join Veronica and Rutu in an exploration of one of the most powerful and uniques twists in all of asana, Matsyengasana. Find out why it is referred to as the 'Mother of all Twists' and learn the many phases of this twist that provide deep intervertebral release and abdominal churning.

Join us Sunday, July 30th from 11:30-1pm at Loudermilk Conference Center. Register Here.

Meet Our Teacher Trainees:

We are so excited for the upcoming teacher training, which starts August 19th at ALIY. So far, the group that is registered brings experience and perspectives from such a wide variety of backgrounds. Join us for what is sure to be a mind/body/heart-opening experience. Details and Registration.

Adrian Barzaga: Adrian loves to create with his hands, play his classical guitar, speak philosophy, climb things, and care for animals. "I was searching for a more holistic training, encompassing all aspects of yoga, and I’m confident I found it."

Ananya Paul: Ananya is a research scientist at Georgia State University. She has practiced yoga for three years. “With this training I want to gain in-depth knowledge of yoga. I understand the surface practice of postures but I want to go in-depth with the lifestyle of yoga.”

Aba Bailey: Aba has been practicing yoga for 30 years and is a licensed Thai Yoga Massage therapist. "I am looking forward to the YTT at All Life is Yoga so that I may learn and grow as an instructor. I'm ready to go deeper."

Margarita Cruz: Margarita has taught kindergarten for over 25 years and has practiced yogafor 12 years. “I have no expectations for this training. I want to be open and receive the teachings. It’s a personal journey of change, introspection, and growth.”