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Acres of Diamonds + Yoga with Police Officers + Dirty South + Meet the Trainees

Many years back I read this book called Acres of Diamonds. The author shares countless tales, spanning throughout history, of people who lived in the most destitute conditions on land that was seemingly barren and hopeless. Seeking riches, they would sell their land and travel far to mine for gold, oil, diamonds, etc. Story after story, the person that bought that seemingly worthless land for next to nothing would find the very thing the original owner chased elsewhere, making millions.

I’ve been spinning like a top trying to develop the appropriate connections to get certain programs for The Dharma Project moving. Recently I discovered that the people closest to me—those already in my inner circle—are exactly the resources I need to propel The Dharma Project forward.


You are to be conscious of yourself, you must awake to your nature and movements, you must know why and how you do things or feel or think them; you must understand your motives and impulses, the forces, hidden and apparent, that move you; in fact, you must, as it were, take to pieces the entire machinery of your being. Once you are conscious, it means that you can distinguish and sift things, you can see which are the forces that pull you down and which help you on. And when you know the right from the wrong, the true from the false, the divine from the undivine, you are to act strictly up to your knowledge; that is to say, resolutely reject one and accept the other. The duality will present itself at every step and at every step you will have to make your choice. You will have to be patient and persistent and vigilant - “sleepless”, as the adepts say...
— The Mother

 A year of insomnia and now I know why!

Frenetic to Fearless

Join me Saturday, Dec 10th, from 12pm-2:15pm for a master practice. This is my current home practice to strengthen my nervous system, widen my perspective and open my heart. The program will include 15 minutes meditation at the start and end of session, 1 hour of strong asana (postures), 30 minutes of pranayama (intricate breathing techniques) and a deep, guided savasana (repose).

Investment : $35

New, Shiny, Pretty!

Our website is finally complete! YAY. This was a beast of a project. Thank you to Sarah Corbett for all the care and patience you brought to the process of building the site, Mark Leibert for your creative contribution and Narin and Helme for your, too much to articulate, contributions. It has been an amazing process of clarifying who we are and what it is that All Life is Yoga does. Along with revamping the website, we have made some additional changes.

First, we renamed our classes. We now offer Form and Function, which is our classic Purna Yoga class, Empower Hour provides vigor with a continuous flow from one posture to the next, and Slow Stretch and Rest provides a calming restorative option. Some of the class times have also changed so please review the website for latest updates. 

Second, We are bringing back the monthly unlimited for $99 with a three month autopay contract.

Third, we're offering a New Student Special. 10 classes for $35 with a 2 month expiration. What! That's crazy! I know. We have learned from so many students that our practice becomes indispensable after about 10 sessions. The initial sessions are an adjustment for the mind and body to a new approach of asana and meditation - by the tenth class you will crave the alignment, poise, and centeredness Purna Yoga creates. Please tell your friends and family and help us grow this beautiful, transformative practice. 

Finally, remember that we now offer Sliding Scale classes. $0-Priceless. Share this opportunity with people in your life that experience financial barriers to practicing yoga. We have postcards with our schedule at the studio that you may take to pass around. Spread the love! 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level I October 8-9th
All Life is Yoga - Atlanta, GA Register

Restorative Training starts this weekend and there is still time to sign up! This training will cover asana, anatomy and physiology, benefits, contraindications, sequencing, nutrition and lifestyle, and meditation. There is no pre-requisite for Level I - teachers and students of all levels are encouraged to deepen their practice with this Restorative training!

Purna Yoga Workshop with Aadil November 18-20th
Triad Yoga - Greensboro, NC Register

This workshop isn't one to miss! Aadil will be going over how to understand the sacrum in standing poses, how to do shirshasana safely, backbends, reversing exhaustion, healing headaches, cultivating a strong back & life, and more! The workshop begins on Friday night and lasts through Sunday. We'll see you there!

All Life is Yoga provides tools for mastery of your body, mind and life. This practice is accessible to any body type. We provide a non-competitive, inclusive and safe environment giving students the space become stronger, stretch without injury and progress at their pace.