Work is Love

...made visible - Kahlil Gibran

When I was in college my friend, Christina Bulostine, had just graduated from a 200 hour yoga teacher training and was offering a donation class at another friends house. I was a bit averse to yoga in the US because I didn't relate to it. No one that did yoga looked like me. Even though it's roots are in India, ironically, I didn't think yoga in America was for me. I went because she was my friend. After that first class, though, I was hooked. I felt a huge burden release in my body. Yoga helped me with my body image, healing the trauma of a violent past, dealing with my anxiety, and so much more. It got to the point where I couldn't leave my house without doing my practice. It was my medicine.

I didn't miss Christina's weekly donation class. I started to tape the classes so I could practice them at home. I got videos of Baron Baptiste and Kundalini Yoga and I made mix tapes. Standing poses from this VHS, twists and backbends from that audio, core strengthening from a website link...Early on I was creative with my sequencing!

After three years I was feeling a bit stagnant in my practice since I was self teaching. My sister suggested I do a yoga teacher training. "Are you crazy! I exclaimed. I am not a guru. This is a respectable practice with lineage. I've only been doing it for three years. I'm not qualified!" But I wanted to learn more about yoga. So I did it! My sister's subtle nudge would change my life and direct me towards my purpose. What a huge gift she gave me. Within a few months of being in training I got my first gig as a teacher. :)

The point of my story is that yoga teacher training, esp. at the 200 hour level, is more about deepening your personal practice. You all know how much depth and breadth Purna Yoga has and some of you are more than ready to take your practice to the next level of understanding and application. Our mission is to embody the practice, to live it and for that, you need more training. Even if you've gone through a 200 hour in the past, this training is a tremendous eye opener. It will propel you in your practice. Learn the anatomy, physiology and refinement of posture, how to apply yogic philosophy in your day to day, and most importantly, how to embody the light that is experienced through meditation.

As Aadil often says, yoga is not usually the path but the path to the path. It's designed to align you with your purpose, your dharma. My purpose happens to be teaching. I have been teaching yoga for a living since 2003. My work involves my personal practice, so I can continue to heal myself and teach with integrity, sharing the gifts of yoga with others so they can feel more alive and joyful and earn a living do it. Wow! Talk about love manifest. It's pretty rewarding when your work serves you, your community and the planet.

Our 200 Hour Purna Yoga Teacher Training Starts June 11th. Apply Today!