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ALIY Book Club

Our book club starts this Sunday from 12-2pm. Bring your favorite vegetarian, dairy free dish and join us for a discussion on the first chapter of Fire of Love, "Dharma". The first time I read this book was in 2006. I had just committed to the 2,000hr Purna Yoga teacher training. I knew nothing about Aadil and Purna Yoga, but something about the course description inspired me. I had no idea how I would pay for such an expensive training with my modest yoga salary and I had no idea how I could travel to WA for extended periods of time for the two years of the training. All I knew is I wanted it! With commitment comes Providence. This book has been instrumental for my growth as a student , a teacher, and most importantly, a better human being. "Only when we go inside do we really know how to live outside." Aadil from Fire of Love. Hope you'll join us. Register here

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honorCode Fundraiser

Join the Dharma Project on September 12th for an anniversary celebration and fundraiser for our partner honorCode. We're so excited to be working with honorCode and can't wait for the opportunity to share yoga and mindfulness with APS school students and teachers. Hope you can attend the fundraiser and hope you will donate to our joint program. 

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Brad Waites in the A!

We are super excited to host Brad Waites. CPYT, in Atlanta for his first full weekend workshop. The workshop is called Skills for a Soul-Based Life. "This workshop is about choice and freedom.  We live in a cause and effect world:  you act on a choice; you get a result.  When you choose, as most everyone does, from habit, desire, or mental analysis, you become a slave to life’s rollercoaster of fulfillment and disappointment, clarity and confusion, and you will never exit that ride.  There is a solution..." Learn More and Register

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Aadil Workshop Triad Yoga Greensboro, NC

Aadil will be on the east coast this month at our good friend, Terry Brown's studio, Triad Yoga in Greensboro, NC. Many fun topics like Yoga Nidra, Free Your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back, Dynamic Digestion will be covered..."Aadil's teaching requires an open and receptive mind, a willingness to change and grow and an urge to progress on the path of yogaPurna yoga is a path to the heart and the practices, though powerful, are designed for students to develop a deeper internal connection."

Many of the ALIY teachers will be there. Join them September 29th-October 1st. Register Here.

Journey to Love: Introduction to Heartful Meditation

I won't get to study with Aadil this fall but I will get to be in the presence of Savitri and study Heartful Meditation from one of the most profound individuals I have ever met. Savitri is a self-taught meditation master. She has never read a book about meditation. All the meditation techniques we practice at ALIY come form her own personal experience. I've taken this introduction to Heartful Meditation so many times over the past 12 years and it changes me every time. Heartful Meditation is the most important thing I do. This worksop takes place in Bellevue, WA on November 11th & 12th. There are still a few spots open. Join me!