Dharma: Action Tinged with Dream

I’m teaching a restorative practice this Friday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. I’ll be reading the “Dharma” section of Fire of Love during class. Dharma, or “life purpose,” is the first chapter in Aadil’s book. Why dharma? Because the exploration, discovery, and fulfillment of purpose is the most worthwhile endeavor of our lives—what could be more important than understanding our purpose, or more satisfying than living a life that fulfills that purpose? It seems to me that our collective evolution is hindered when we are individually not doing what we are here to do.

“Discovering our dharma is the most important step in our life. A dharma undiscovered is a life not directed towards the soul’s end. Without the realization of dharma—even if you work hard and long—you will remain unfulfilled. You will climb the ladder of success only to find, when you have finally reached the top, that it was leaning against the wrong wall. Without a clear purpose, a life mission, you short-circuit your freedom. How can you wholeheartedly put effort into your life if you have no direction in which to go? And how can you possibly feel fulfilled even with the effort you are making?” Aadil Palkhivala, Fire of Love

Dharma is the foundation of Purna Yoga. We spend some time during class asking these questions, but once or twice a week is not enough. On a daily basis, create moments of quiet to, connect to your heart center and ask yourself:

1.     Who am I?

2.     Why am I here?

3.     Where am I going?

Ask with sincerity, and you may just become the answer.

I hope you’ll join me this Friday night.  Register here!