The Laws of Successful Business According to The Mother

by Rutu Chaudhari

111As many of you know, the studio is going through some changes and the past several months have been challenging. I've done some serious soul-searching and made some hard decisions. When I first opened the studio, I read information The Mother wrote about business and management. I didn't entirely understand what she was talking about then. Now, four years into running a studio, it feels like lightbulbs are going off.

As with all of The Mother's writing, I will read this a year from now, ten years from now, and it will mean something very different than it does in this moment. Truth evolves as you do, and I'm so grateful for that and I'm grateful for this community. I can be candid and vulnerable and I feel supported.

1. Master Your Nature 2. Remember that the purpose of business is to increase splendor. 3. Reflect deeply on what you are creating in business and why you are creating it.  4. Strategize (maneuver your company through external forces) as a short-term approach to business. 5. Re-engineer(balance the internal forces of the company through alignment with external forces) as a mid-term approach to business. 6. Individualize (enhance the growth and welfare of the individual) as a long-term approach to business. 7. Focus on the long-term as well as the short-term. 8. Treat all with whom you interact as part of yourself and seek the best for all involved parties. 9. Seek beneath the surface to discover what humanity needs to grow. 10. Take time in introspection and receptive silence. 11. Coordinate around a central theme. 12. Know your customer directly.

"Progress lies in a normal but progressive equilibrium, periods of assimilation - reception, assimilation - and periods of expenditure, and knowing how to balance the two, and alternate them in a rhythm which is your personal one." - The Mother