This is Not About Immortality, or Is It?

One of my students recently shared a piece of writing about how yoga practice has changed his life. I'd like to share an excerpt with you.

"I have been on this planet for sixty two solar revolutions. In that time, I have done my body no favors. Three years into a yoga practice, I now have clear evidence that, contrary to the standard narrative, with proper attention and care, the human body can actually improve with the passage of time. This is not about immortality; it is about an exquisite quality of life. It is about the possibility of a profound relationship between my body and my mind. A mind-body symbiosis.

Symbiosis, n. Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association.

Purna Yoga has brought me to a place of strength, flexibility, and balance. A remarkable physical and spiritual transformation.

Yes, it has become a way of life for me."

—Helme C.