I Already Failed! - All Life is Yoga

We completed the second module of our 200 Hour Purna Yoga Teacher Training this weekend. On Sunday we focused on foundations of living and incorporated what Aadil calls, "21 Day Experiments". These are a list of practices that cultivate character. Each student is to pick one to practice for the next 21 days. It takes 21 days to create a new nerve synapsis, a new habit. If you miss the opportunity to practice your experiment, you must start over to day one. Is what I'm about to say kind, true and necessary is my experiment for the next 21 days.

If all three of these components are not present, then I will practice restraint in my communication. Most of you know that I am a direct person. My communication may not have malice, but it is not cushioned. I'm learning that, for me, effective communication must have kindness, truth and necessity.

Monday was Day 1 of my experiment. I had a conversation with my sister and I failed at my 21 Day Experiment. My communication was not kind or necessary, though true :)

There is a reason why Ahimsa (nonviolence) comes before Satya (truth) in the Yamas of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. If I cannot speak my truth with kindness, I am only creating more violence on this planet. If I cannot speak my truth with kindness, is it necessary?

Well...do I at least get points for being aware of my failures? Yes and No. I'm back to Day 1!