quiet joy
peaceful trust
luminous hope

- The Mother

Level I Yoga Teacher Certification 

All Life is Yoga's 2017-2018 teacher certification dates are set! This training is appropriate for anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice, understand the why of yoga asana, pranayama, nutrition, meditation, anatomy, alignment, energetics, philosophy, sequencing, service...and learn to teach with confidence.

August 19th-20th
September 9th-10th
September 23rd-24th
October 21st-22nd
November 11th-12th
December 2nd-3rd
January 6th-7th
February 10th-11th
February 17th-18th

For more information and to apply, contact Rutu

New Pricing Structure

ALIY is going back to the original pricing structure from our Cabbagetown days. We hope that this shift will allow you to attend classes at the studio if you’re not already, or to attend more frequently than you are currently. The concern for some is that we are diminishing the value of the yoga by reducing the price. My feeling is that capitalism and cultural appropriation are responsible for diminishing the value of yoga, while making it more accessible and affordable serves to raise its value. You can’t actually buy yoga, in any case. When you attend class, you’re not paying for the yoga—you’re helping the studio to keep the lights on, and continue to offer classes.

Here’s what our original pricing structure looks like:

Drop-In: $15 per class
5-class card: $50 with a one-month expiration
10-class card: $100 with a two-month expiration
Monthly Unlimited: $99 with a three-month auto-pay

Please contact Rutu with any questions or concerns, or if you need further financial assistance. 

Inman Park Festival Schedule Changes

Due to the street closings for the Inman Park Festival, All Life is Yoga will be closed this Saturday and Sunday, April 29th & 30th for it's 10am classes. Instead, we will be offering a free yoga class in partnership with The Community Farmer's Market at Grant Park on Sunday, April 30th from 10:30-11:30am. Check our Event Page for details. We hope to see you there!

Brad Waites Workshop This Saturday

I'm excited to announce that Brad Waites is coming to Atlanta to teach a workshop on April 22nd! Brad is a fellow Purna Yoga teacher, certified at the 2,000 hour level, who communicates the methodology of Purna Yoga with clarity and precision, while offering students guidance and support as they create purpose-driven change.

Learn more about Brad here and read the workshop descriptions + register online →

Brad Waites is Coming to Atlanta!

There are so many things I love about assisting Aadil in the 500 hour Teacher Training. For one, I spend two weeks learning from one of the most brilliant minds of our time, I get to support the flowering open of a group of teachers in training and spend time with colleagues and friends, but my favorite is having dinner with Aadil every night. The diversity of cuisine that is created to the stories of B.K.S. Iyengar, Indian mythology, yoga philosophy, relationships (yep, he is pretty interested in my dating life), the music, the jokes...It's a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Feeling blessed! 

The Dharma Project, Fellowships and Pitching

This past week my Fellowship with Center for Civic Innovation officially ended. It's been quite a growing experience. Along with learning how to develop The Dharma Project as a sustainable nonprofit, I've had the opportunity to learn with six other social entrepreneurs that are building powerful organizations. I have developed a lasting community of friends, colleagues and support structure. 

A Day Without Women

On this International Women's Day, women all over the country are on strike with a protest called 'A Day Without a Woman.' This protest is in opposition to Donald Trump, inequality in pay, devaluation of women led occupations, reproductive rights, etc.

Things to do:
1. Don't go to work
2. Don't spend money, unless you support a small, woman and minority owned businesses.
3. Wear red in solidarity

I'm curious to hear from you. Are you taking the day to protest? What are your thoughts on this protest? Is this protest a luxury? Who can afford to participate? 

I am celebrating International Women's Day by honoring the women chefs, farmers and artisans in our city at the Lady Locavores Event. Atlanta has an incredible urban agriculture community that I am so proud to support. Eat local, ya'll. 

Frenetic to Fearless

Join Rutu March 11th from 12-4pm for a master practice. This practice is designed to strengthen the nervous system, widen your perspective and open your heart. The program will include 30 minutes meditation at the start and end of session, 2 hour of strong asana (postures), 30 minutes of pranayama (intricate breathing techniques) and a deep, guided savasana (repose). 

2017 is a big election year for Atlanta! We are electing a new mayor, city council and school board. If you care about the challenges our city faces this is a good year to get engaged. Our current government acts as a good reminder for us that all issues are local and that's where we have power to change our city. I want to plug Center for Civic Innovation's Leadership Breakfasts. CCI is hosting the mayoral candidates for a discussion on their background, their passion and their action steps for creating a future Atlanta we all want to live in. The Leadership Breakfast's are free to members, one of the many reasons to become a member of CCI. So far I've learned more about Al Bartell and Mary Norwood. The next breakfast is Tuesday, March 14th with Peter Aman. I hope to see you there.