Yoga for Runners

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Our Yoga for Runners Workshop with Ashley Erwin is designed to balance out the physical demands that running puts on the body.  This workshop will focus on poses to help the everyday runner prevent injury, improve performance and continue running safely. We’ll learn the Purna yoga hip opening series, which decompresses the hip joints and safely stretches the upper leg muscles.  We’ll perfect the runner’s lunge for maximum benefit, and include a few techniques to open the shoulders and upper body. We’ll learn how to utilize slow deep breathing to more effectively release tension. And we’ll end with the perfect restorative pose for runners.  Also, the intention of this workshop is for each participant to take home techniques and poses to incorporate into their exercise routine.

Ashley loves running, especially in the city of Atlanta, because of the hills, trails, trees, beautiful parks and neighborhoods.  Running helps Ashley to calm her mind, release tension and stay physically fit.  But in its nature, running compacts the hip joints, shortens the hip flexors and the hamstrings, tightens the calves and can cause the shoulders and upper back to begin to hunch forward. Tightness in the hips causes so much of the knee and lower back pain experienced by runners.  These yoga techniques have provided so much relief to Ashley’s body, she firmly believes every runner should know and practice a combination of them on a weekly if not daily basis.  Ashley has been a runner for over 13 years and has direct experience with the benefits yoga has provided to her body as a runner.   It is time for her to share these powerful and effective tools with others.

Cost :  $30
Date : September 23rd 4-6pm

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Healing the Eyes

Learn practices from Ayurveda, Chinese and Western traditions that strengthen the interocular and extraocular muscles and increase vitality in the eyes by working with energy points. This workshop is 2 hours and will leave your eyes and mind feeling rejuvenated.

Teacher : Rutu Chaudhari
Cost :  $40
Date : September 28rd, 10am-12pm

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Spring Detox

Start the New Year off with a good cleanse for your body, mind, and spirit. There are chemicals, preservatives and pesticides in our food, environment, and even our water.  The overwhelming demands of the modern polluted world require a proactive approach to detoxification.

Cost :  
Early Bird : $375 (paid by March 10th)
After March 10th : $425


Dates :   
April 9th-14th, 2018
Orientation : Sunday, April 8th

Benefits of the Lotus Cleanse

  • Release toxins from your body

  • Energy levels shoot through the roof

  • Skin is glowing

  • Clears and strengthens your mind

  • Purifies liver, blood, & kidneys

  • Increases absorption of nutrients, alleviates heartburn, bloating
    & gas, regulates bowl movements.

  • Breathing improves

  • & for an added bonus lose 5 - 9 lbs

What's Included In The Price?

  • 3 days of organic whole raw foods

  • 3 days of organic juices and cleansing teas

  • 1 yoga workshop on Detoxing

  • Ingredients for 3 baths specialized for serious detox

  • Knowledge & Awareness

  • Community Support and Accountability

This cleanse incorporates principles of nutrition from Ayurveda, Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration and the best of Western Nutrition. This 6 day cleanse is laid out conveniently to accommodate our busy lifestyles.  The cleanse will begin with 3 days of organic raw foods, eaten at your convenience.  This will help to prepare the body for deep cleansing during the juicing period. 

Examples of the food that is provided : 

1. Creamy Cauliflower w/ lots of parsley, red peppers, walnuts & lemon zest. 
(Cauliflower, red peppers, walnuts, celery, lots of parsley, red onion, almonds, oregano and lemon zest.)
2. Mexican style Cole slaw.
(Green & red cabbage, carrots, zucchini, celery, onion, crushed cumin seeds, cilantro, jalapeno & oregano.)
3. Sweet potato slaw w/ sprouted lentils, kale & sunflower seeds.
(Sweet potatoes, kale, sprouted lentils, sunflower seeds, red onion, celery & a hint of oregano.)
4. Sesame ginger marinated veggies w/ cashews & endamame. 
(Broccoli, carrots, celery, daikon, red onion, red bell peppers, cashews, endamame, ginger root, sesame seeds, cilantro, dates, orange juice, Nama shoyu & sweet spices.)
A. Energy soup. (Deeply nurturing, alkalizing & rich in minerals & micronutrients.)
(Pineapple, avocado, kale, spinach, chard, dulse, kombhu, wakame, sprouted lentils & clover and filtered water.
 B. pH balancer w/ spinach. (Low carb, soothing & alkalizing.)
(Cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, avocado, filtered water, lime juice, REALSALT & a hint of garlic.)
a. Coconut flaxseed crackers. (Aprox 4 oz bag. Omega fatty acid rich.
(Brown & golden flaxseeds, coconut, black sesame seeds, cumin seeds, onion, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice & a trace of cayenne.)


21 Days in Tibet

As yoga moved further east into Tibet the practice began to change. The Tibetans wanted something quick, dynamic, energizing and strengthening for the spine, so they could focus on meditation for longer periods. The Tibet Rites boost the immune system, balance the thyroid, and invigorate the spine and body. They are wonderful during the transition of seasons and help to prevent seasonal ailments. Classically, each rite is done 21 times. It takes 21 days to develop a new nerve synapsis and create a new habit. Join ALIY for 21 days of Tibetan Rites. As the spring approaches, it's a good time to boost the immune system. We will start off with 3-6 Rites and work up to 21 repetitions. A video with instruction will be provided.  A Facebook page will also allow participants to discuss the experience and ask questions. This program does not require physical attendance to the studio. The practice is done daily on your own with the support of an instructional video of Rutu teaching the Tibet Rites. 

Date : March 12 is the official start date but you can start anytime after that for a minimum of 21 days. To receive the video, make a payment and contact Rutu. 

Cost : $21