Dharma is the Umbrella

According to the Vedas (the oldest scriptures known to man, which came out of India), there are four major reasons for life. They are:

  1. Dharma: pursuit of purpose
  2. Artha: acquisition of material wealth
  3. Kama: experience of pleasure
  4. Moksha: spiritual exploration

The Vedas explains that the latter three are contingent on Dharma. That means that the amount of wealth you acquire, the amount of pleasure you experience, and even the amount of time and energy you spend on spiritual practices depends entirely on your pursuit of purpose. Anything beyond what is required for living your purpose is excess and fuels the ego. Discovering your purpose, then, becomes the most meaningful life endeavor. Everything else you do is clarified by that purpose.

Do the Math: Good Health is a Triple Equilibrium

by Rutu Chaudhari

When it comes to health, as the Mother says, "the combinations are innumerable." The mental, vital and physical conditions must all be addressed because what shows up on the surface as an ailment is always an indication of a much deeper discord.

Yoga is an exploration, discovery and fulfillment of your dharma, your true purpose. That’s why I do yoga. I want to live authentically. That’s why I teach yoga. Imagine a community of people that are all doing what they love, sharing their art in the world, resonating gratitude and being of value - whose yoga practice serves to increases their productivity rather than act as a means to release the stress of a life without purpose.

Sure, it starts with unwinding the perceived stress we carry. We have stress because we ignore and numb the inner voice of truth, and when we ignore long enough, “problems” start to arise. What manifests on the surface as pain, injury or disease is the psychic expressing, through the many different sheaths of our being: the mental, vital and ultimately, the physical, this is not why you were born. Find yourself! That inner voice of purpose doesn’t go away and thank god it doesn’t! The soul’s voice is soft and strong, guiding us towards a life of joy.  We just have to get quiet enough to listen and courageous enough to act on the truth we hear.

I’m ok with you coming to the studio to stretch your hamstrings, but this is not a gymnastics class.  If you’re interested in true yoga, you’re invested in living your dharma.  All life is yoga!

rutu chaudhari yoga teacher

Rutu Chaudhari is a certified Purna Yoga teacher who holds a 2,000-hour certification. Rutu assists teacher trainings, yoga workshops and conferences with Aadil Palkhivala.  She is the Director of the College of Purna Yoga in Atlanta and conducts teacher trainings at her thriving studio, All Life is Yoga.

Rutu is a shining example of the discipline and love for yoga. She sincerely lives her yoga and her radiance and light shine from the inside out. Rutu offers an abounding knowledge of alignment and anatomy, meditation, practical application of yogic philosophy and nutrition and lifestyle from Ayurveda, Chinese and Western traditions. She is also a leading teacher of yoga therapeutics.

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